Saturday, November 7, 2009

Windows 7: Make Explorer start in My Computer instead of Libraries

If you find it annoying that the Windows Explorer Icon on the taskbar always opens with the Libraries then there’s an easy way to change the behaviour.
  1. Right click on the Explorer icon
  2. Right click on Windows Explorer
  3. Select properties
    Explorer properties
  4. Input at the end of the target field “/e,” without the quotes so that you get the following line:
    ”%windir%\explorer.exe /e,”
  5. You’re done. Explorer will now always open in the My Computer view.
You can change the Explorer Command Line Switches to make Windows Explorer start in any folder you want.
For more explanation on the Switches you can check the following links:
Command Line Switches to Display Special Objects or Folders When Opening Windows Explorer
Command-Line Switches for Windows Explorer (Microsoft Support)


  1. This is totally wrong. First of all, you've got quotations after %windir that render this useless and second, this doesn't make it open in My Computer, but rather My Documents.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I can only say that tip still works for me and correctly opens Explorer in the My Computer view.
    But you are correct that I've made a mistake.
    ”%windir”\explorer.exe /e,” should be ”%windir%\explorer.exe /e,”
    I'll fix it right now.

    The base bath is correct in the screenshots.

  3. I had the same problem. The /e by itself would open My Documents. This worked from your first link:

    My Computer
    %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /E,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}