Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extract recordings of DVBH-1000/2000 or Umax Vaova DTV-2900

I have a Umax Vaova DTV-2900 DVB-T Receiver at home.
Recently I wanted to extract a recording from the HDD for archiving. I searched the net and found the Sigmatek Disk Reader (mirror) from a czech source which serves this purpose.

Here I write you the procedure how to extract and convert the recordings from the Umax Vaova DTV-2900 or DVBH-1000/2000 recorder.
First you will need to update the DTV-2900 receiver to the latest Firmware.

Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Install with "Sigma.msi. After the installation it is necessary to restart the system
  2. Connect the HDD from DVBH-1000/2000 or Umax Vaova DTV-2900 to your PC
  3. Run the application "Sigmatek Disk Reader"
  4. From the dropdown list under "Disk" select the correct HDD and press MOUNT
  5. Select the drive letter that will be assign to the drive (for example, Z:)
    Mounted Drive
  6. On the disk M: we find the following or similar structure

            CT 24
            Prima TV

    The files named "data" contain the recorded stream from the DVB-T in the Transport Stream (TS) format.

  7. Copy individual files to your PC-HDD
  8. Add the extension .ts such as "data.ts"
  9. Run program "PVAStrumento.exe"
  10. Open the files "data.ts"
  11. Press the button "make ps"
  12. Choose a new file name and its location with the ending .mpg.
  13. Press the button "Start"
  14. Now we have a standard MPEG2 file that can we can easily play,  edit it with other tools or simply burn it to a DVD.
  15. Now you can go back to "Sigmatek Disk Reader" and select "Unmount"
  16. After you turn off your computer you can disconnect the disc and put it back into your DVBH-1000/2000 or Umax Vaova DTV-2900

Credits go to the czech source where I found this.

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